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WSOP® 2012 Official Cards USED 2 DECKS (PG000319)

( Item in stock! )
These are for USED sets of cards. Each set-up contains one blue and one red decks and a black cardboard box stamped WORLD SERIES of POKER.
These are the actually cards that were USED for the 2012 WSOP® tournaments at the RIO.  Design is scanned in.  No COA or index cards as we are keeping the price down.  Many of the sets did not see a lot of use, as I understand maybe 1 or 2 blind levels sometimes more. We examine all sets and replace any damaged cards.   

100% PVC does it differ from a KEM PLASTIC?  It is a bit thicker card.  The PVC card does not absorb moisture so you have no need to be concerned about top card warping. A professional dealer I know said the cards are easier to pitch because they are a little thicker. Those are the pros. The cons are PVC Plastic dents easier than KEM Plastic so a person can dig their fingernail to mark a card easier, also it doesn't have the exact same snap a Kem card has.  
I like these 2012 WSOP® cards and think they really looks sharp and handle well.  Less maintenance required than KEMS. 

These are the cards Fornier in Spain made for it's parent company the  USPCC for the WSOP® 2012. Made of  100% PVC Plastic material,  Fournier makes the WSOP® on the European circuit. 

These are the narrow or bridge size as many call them (2-1/4" x 3-1/2") .  Standard Index and are made just for the WSOP® and therefore come with NO JOKERS, only the standard 52 cards.  The used decks do NOT contain the neutral advertising Bicycle/Bee card that the new decks have, they must have thrown them away when opening the new sets for the WSOP® tournaments. 

Almost all casinos use the bridge size in their poker rooms.

Many on line stores charge from $5 to $10 alone for shipping.

One set ships USPS FIRST CLASS with a tracking number and 2 or more sets ship USPS PRIORITY with a tracking number. Any order over $50 will also have signature confirmation, paid by us. 

WSOP® 2012  Official Cards USED 2 DECKS

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