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WSOP® 2011 Kem Cards Official Cards (PG000317)

( Item in stock! )
These are the controversial cards from the USPCC (United States Playing Card Co). Under special lighting and some tilting of the cards some of the backs are a bit distorted. Literally hundreds of thousands of hands were played with these decks at the WSOP® this year. This year it became visible at the final table under the red and blue lights. The cards are NOT returnable once the seal is broken and the cello wrap taken off the cards, so if this bothers you do not buy them.We have a special price which I am passing immediately on to you, the customer.
We will not be able to hold this price for long with the free shipping Buy 1 set-up if you like what you see buy a bunch!! 

I have professional dealers I sell these to who deal weekly games and they are very satisfied with the cards.  Hard to beat a KEM PLASTIC CARD.


These are for new-never used-cello wrapped and sealed set-ups. They come in a black cardboard box.  These are the actually cards that were made for the 2011 WSOP® tournaments but were never used (the excess). Design is scanned in. We include a cut card with each deck. No COA or index cards as we are keeping the price down.
You get two decks in each set-up. They come in a black cardboard box stamped with WORLD SERIES of POKER.
These are the cards USPCC made for the WSOP® 2011. Made entirely of Cellulose Acetate material, Kem cards are the number one choice for leading casinos and card rooms around the world. Cellulose Acetate is a unique material combining paper and plastic that give Kem cards that unique feel that Kem customers love.

These are the narrow or bridge size as many call them (2-1/4" x 3-1/2") .  Standard Index.
Almost all casinos use the bridge size in their poker rooms, easier to shuffle and deal is the reason given.
All sets come with two (2) cut cards I supply outside the box.  The cards themselves come in a cardboard set up box-cards are cello wrapped.
We received a special price on these cards so we are passing it on to you.  YOU STILL GET FREE SHIPPING and our super fast turn around service. Many places charge from $7 to $10 alone for shipping.
MADE IN USA. Reg $34.99   BUY 2 OR MORE SETS AND SAVE EVEN MORE!!!  You can't beat this price.
WSOP® 2011 Kem Cards Official Cards

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