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Advanced Pot Limit Omaha (PG000222)

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Warning this is an advanced manual


Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha:

Small Ball and Short-Handed Play

by Jeff Hwang


The Game of the Future has arrived!

Are you ready to be its next big winner?

What would the ideal poker game look like? Big pots, lots of action, and a game where you know way more than your competition. Master Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha, and this poker dream can become a money-machine reality.

You'll learn all there is to know about:

  • Floating: An advanced bluffing technique, and the key to advanced play
  • Advanced Concepts: The Stack-to-Pot Ratio ( SPR), deep stack leverage, the positional disadvantage/advantage, and more
  • Advanced Skills: Check-raising, the bluff raise, 3-betting after the flop (without the nuts), value-betting the river, and picking off bluffs
  • Small Ball: An advanced strategy for exploiting our opponents in short-handed pots
  • 3-Betting Before the Flop: A situational loose-aggressive (LAG) tactic
  • Short-Handed Play: How to play in games played six-handed or less utilizing the Small Ball and 3-Betting strategies.

And more!

With over 200 hand examples and walkthroughs to reinforce the advanced skills, concepts, and strategies presented in this book, Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha successfully breaks new ground and takes Omaha strategy to the next level. For those in the know, Pot-Limit Omaha will be a bonanza of riches, but you must act now if you want to get an extra jump on your opponents.

Poker is a fun game; it's even more fun when you win. And with Jeff Hwang as your guide, you will win more than ever before.

Retails for $34.95     534 pages with index-this does not count the advertising at the end.



Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha: Small Ball and Short-Handed Play
Table of Contents

Part I: Floating

 The Basic Floats

            - Naked Float

            - Weak Stab Float

            - Semi-Bluff Float

 The Combo Float

 The Re-Steal Float

 The Reverse Float

 Calling vs. Raising

 Anatomy of the Call: Draw Equity vs. Float Equity


Part II: Advanced Concepts

 Thinking About the Game Correctly

            - On Raising Before the Flop: Deception

            - J-J-8-6 Before the Flop: Limping vs. Raising

 Following Through: The Betting Machine

 The Stack-to-Pot Ratio ( SPR)

 Conceptualizing SPR: Heads Up Action After the Flop

  SPR Considerations: The Table

 Using SPR: Practice Situations

 Deep Stack Leverage

 What Constitutes a Deep Stack? The Third Bet.

 The Positional Disadvantage vs. The Positional Advantage

 The Positional Advantage: The Ambiguity of the Bet

 The Nut Flush Draw

 The Pivot Card


Part III: Advanced Skills


 The Bluff Raise


 3-Betting After the Flop (Without the Nuts)

 Value-Betting the River

 The Chapter on Bluffing

 Picking Off Bluffs


Part IV: Small Ball

 Small Ball: Post-Flop Play

 Small Ball: Holding Qs-Td-9s-5c

 Small Ball: Starting Hand Considerations

 Targeting Opponents

 Big Blind vs. Small Blind Confrontations

 Playing from the Mississippi Straddle

 Playing Against the Blinds: Open Limping vs. Blind Stealing

 Playing With the Initiative: After the Flop

 Small Ball: Final Thoughts


Special Insert: The Pre-Flop Initiative: Myth vs. Reality


Part V: 3-Betting Before the Flop

 The Pump and Shove (Maniac/Low- SPR Play)

 Isolation Play (Tactical/Deep Stack Play)

 3-Betting for Isolation: Key Concepts

 Starting Hand Considerations

 C-Betting After 3-Betting Pre-Flop

 The Clearout: The Limp Re-Raise Isolation Play

 3-Betting Before the Flop: Hand Walkthroughs

 Final Thoughts: 3-Betting vs. Small Ball


Part VI: Short-Handed Play

 Short-Handed Play vs. Full-Ring Play, and PLO vs. NLHE

 The 5 Biggest Mistakes Average Players Make

 Short-Handed Play: 127 Hand Walkthroughs


Part VII: Managing Your Bankroll and Yourself

 The Bankroll Schedule

 Moving Up Too Fast

 The Biggest Bankroll Killer: The Heater

 Staying in School

 Poker as a Career


Part VIII: Miscellaneous Topics

 Technical Skills vs. Poker Skills: Full-Ring vs. Short-Handed Games

 Good Players vs. Bad Players

 Profiling Errors

 Playing With Idiots

 The Mississippi Straddle

 Game Selection in Live Play

 Seat Selection

 The Evolution of the Game


Part IX: Growing the Game of the Future

 PokerTek, Excalibur, and the PLO Revolution

 Why the Games Must Get Smaller

 Structuring Small-Stakes PLO Games: General Guidelines

 Viable PLO Game Structures


Part X: The Final Session




Advanced Pot Limit Omaha

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