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Championship OMAHA (PG000104)

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This book absolutely ships for free via USPS MEDIA MAIL
A pure give a way as it costs as much to pack and wrap and ship and pay my credit card processor. It is written by one of the great Omaha players T.J. Cloutier.

 From the Publisher:

T. J. Cloutier and Tom McEvoy have won four World Series of Poker titles in the Omaha tournaments. Together they're dynamite in fact, they've been called the "T 'n T" of poker authors because of the powerful advice they always ignite on the pages of their books. Championship Omaha is no exception. In this book they combine their talents to once again bring you the best advice on how you can make more money at poker than you ever dreamed possible.

Look for answers to your biggest questions about Omaha:

  • How do you vary your play to win at high-stakes and low-limit games, against tight opponents and loose ones, and in rebuy and freezeout Omaha tournaments?
  • Why are all Omaha games hand-value driven? Can you ever play less than the nuts profitably?
  • What are the best starting hands and when is slowplaying a big hand a dangerous strategy?
  • What are danglers and why don't winners play them?
  • Why is pot-limit Omaha the only poker game where you sometimes fold the nuts on the flop and are correct in doing so?
  • Why is Omaha high-low so popular these days and how can you win a lot of money at it?

If you want to become a winner in the action-packed arena of Omaha poker, study Championship Omaha. Then take its clearly-written strategies and practical advice to the next cash game or tournament you play ... and say hello to T. J. and Tom in the winner's circle! Order your copy today!

230 pages, photos, hand illustrations with play-by-play, $29.95

This book was republished in 2006 by Cardoza. Same contents still $29.95. This is printed on quality paper as were all Cardsmith Poker Books. Get your copy whilewe still have them.

Championship OMAHA

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