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The Intelligent Guide to Texas Holdem Poker Damage (PG000084D)

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Publisher's returns. Some have dings some covers are creased, and others have shelf wear. They are 100% readable. A truely great bargain!!

From The Author:


This book is a concise guide to the rapidly expanding world of Texas Hold’em Poker. It provides an overview, vocabulary, and concepts that are essential to the play of Texas Hold’em, and to reading and interpreting the complex literature on the game. My motivation is to provide a guide to Texas Hold’em that informs readers without overwhelming them.

For the beginner: This book will teach the rules of Hold’em poker, conduct in both public cardrooms and online poker games, the fundamental tactics and strategies for play, and point you towards further resources, both in print and online.

For the experienced player:
This book is meant to provide a framework for thinking about Hold’em poker and serve as a reference. Carefully planned tables, charts, graphs, illustrations, and strategic summaries are provided to efficiently assist players in their real-time poker decisions. With the growth of online poker in recent years, it is possible for players to have charts and tables in front of them while they play. Some of these charts were designed with that use in mind.

Some features unique to this book are:

• A discussion of online poker that includes how to set up to play online, the differences between online and in-person poker (Chapter 3), and where to go for online poker (Chapter 10).

• A strategy section that explains how to adjust your play to different game conditions. Successful poker players use a dynamic approach, constantly fine-tuning their play to prevailing game conditions. Included is a game observation form for online Hold’em that is used to focus your strategic thinking before you enter a game (Chapter 6).

• A section with essays on mathematical and psychological considerations necessary for success. A series of stories are told that illustrate key concepts in action. These vignettes, mostly real-life examples, should aid the reader in putting into practice all the principles and information contained in this book (Chapters 7–8).

• Reviews of books and web sites. Do you want to know about other books on poker, purchase poker products, or locate a cardroom nearest your home or place where you plan to travel? You will find all of this information (Chapters 9–10).

  • A quick explanation of common Hold’em variants such as Omaha and Pineapple, (Appendix I) and Poker Tournaments (Appendix II).

Texas Hold’em poker is a complex and subtle game. Simply following a set of instructions will not make you a successful player. Mastering the game requires hours of both study and practice, and a commitment to a long-term, disciplined approach to play. This book is a road map to use on your journey.

Sam Braids
February 2003

Excerpt from: The Intelligent Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker

Figure or Table
Betting Structure of $2-4 Texas Hold’em
Layout of a Poker Table
Frequencies of Starting Hands
Strength Categories of Starting Hands
Frequencies of Selected Starting Hands
Position Recommendations for Starting Hands
Odds for Multiple Pocket Pairs
Probabilities on the Flop for Five-Card Hands
Probabilities for an Overcard on the Flop
Probabilities for Improving a Hand
Minimum Pot Size for Correct Pot Odds
The Strategic Grid
Game Observation Form for Online Hold’em

Part I The Game of Texas Hold'em

Chapter 1. Rules

A Hand in Hold’em 5
Hand Rankings 6
Betting 11
Unique Features of Texas Hold’em 14

Chapter 2. Texas Hold’em in a Cardroom

Joining a Game 19
General Conduct 21
Rule Variations 24

Chapter 3. Texas Hold’em Online

Online poker rooms 26
Setting up to play online 27
Conduct of online games 30
Differences between online and in-person poker 33

Part II Winning Poker

Chapter 4. Facts

The Five Decision Factors 40
Your Cards 42
Your Position 44
Number of Players 45
Pot Odds 46
Opponents’ Playing Styles 53

Chapter 5. Tactics

Entering a Hand 55
After the Flop 58
After the turn 61
At the River 64
Deception 66

Chapter 6. Strategies

Classifying Game Characteristics 72
Four Extreme Poker Games 75
Loose-Passive Games 75
Loose-Aggressive Games 78
Tight-Passive Games 82
Tight Aggressive Games 85
Analyzing Game Characteristics 90
Summary 91

Part III Putting It All Together

Chapter 7. Mathematical Considerations

Past, Present and Future Probabilities 97
Behaviors That Change the Odds 100
Requirements for Success 104

Chapter 8. Psychological Considerations

Choose Your Battles 107
Adjust Your Play to Conditions 111

Part IV Where To Go From Here

Chapter 9. Resources

Books on Texas Hold’em 119
Books on Poker in General 123
Online Resources 127

Chapter 10. Places to Play

Online Cardrooms 131
Public Cardrooms 142

Appendix I Hold'em Variations

Omaha 163
Omaha Eight or Better 166
Pineapple 167

Appendix II Poker Tournaments



The Intelligent Guide to Texas Holdem Poker Damage

Miscellaneous :

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